My mother always said that dogs (and cats) are God's love in a fur coat.
What a great way for Him to send love to all of us! If you want to send
a little bit of furry love (that won't have to be paper trained), try
giving them a Plush Puppy Bouquet.

Plush Puppy BouquetPlush Puppy Bouquet

This bouquet of six long-stemmed puppies comes with three different types of dogs. They are all apparently mixed breeds, so there is a little something for everyone. It comes with 2 corgi / chihuahua types, plus 2 chocolate lab / pit bull types, and 2 bulldog / pug / boxer types.

Plush Puppy BouquetPlush Puppy Bouquet

The puppies are made of 100% polyester and can come off their stems and be replaced easily by way of an elastic loop on their backs. Surface clean only.  Each puppy is 4" tall and 6" long. 

Plush Puppy BouquetPlush Puppy Bouquet

The bouquet makes a great gift for dog lovers, and animal lovers in general. It will also last a whole lot longer than flowers. Just be forewarned, it ships in a marked box, so if you are planning a surprise you may want to ship it to a different address to keep the secret.

To order a Plush Puppy Bouquet for someone you love, click here.


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