If your horse could use a free ton of Purina Mills Senior Horse Feed, then you will want to enter this year's Purina Equine Senior essay and/or photo contests. Held yearly, the contest has several awards in four different categories: Oldest Horse Contest, Oldest Pony Contest, Essay Contest (General) and Photo Contest.

Recommended topics for 300-word essay submissions include funny, emotional, remarkable or comeback stories about your senior horse or pony. It would be advantageous if your horse or pony is a consumer of Purina Mills Equine Senior Horse Feed and you can include how the Horse Feed played a role in your horse's good health or aging. Include the age of the horse, which may be verified by a licensed veterinarian, if your essay is a potential winner.

There will be seven1st place essay contest winners, one from each region of the country (see rules), and a Grand Prize winner will be selected from that group. First prize winner will receive 20 50-pound bags of Purina Mills Senior Horse Feed.

The Oldest Horse and Oldest Pony prizes will be awarded to the oldest entries in those categories and receive one ton of Horse Feed.

Photographs for the Photo Contest may not be taken by anyone whose primary occupation is that of photographer. Submissions must be un-doctored and current, ones that clearly show your horse's coat and body condition.

October 1, 2009 is the entry deadline. Find the complete official rules of the Purina Mills Senior Horse Tales Contest and visit some entries from prior years.

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