Once the Thanksgiving buffet has been consumed, the final touchdown have been scored and the parades reach the end of their routes, it’s time to get ready for the December holidays. While you’re getting ready for Christmas, keep the following tips in mind to protect your pets amidst the fun and excitement:

Christmas Lights, Ornaments & Décor

– As pretty as your glittery glass bulbs and sparkly lights are on the tree, just make sure that electrical cords are out of reach for teething puppies and kittens, and that ornaments that would easily shatter are placed high in the branches. If your cat is the type to consume ribbons and tinsel, don’t bother stringing them up, unless you’d rather spend your Christmas money to get kitty’s tummy pumped!

Christmas Tree

– Curious cats and careless big dogs can easily knock down your beautiful tree, so be sure to tightly secure it to its stand. Do not let your pets drink Christmas tree water, as the preservatives, fertilizers and bacteria on the tree’s trunk will taint the water, leading to serious tummy upset. (That, and it’s just nasty!)

Your Guests

– As fantastic as it is to see friends and family every Christmas, sweetly tell them what guests can and cannot share with your furry beggars when you sit down for dinner. (Chocolate, bones, alcohol, grapes, etc.) If you’re hosting the party, do your best to make a quiet and secluded comfort zone where overwhelmed animals can get away from the festivities, and have your pets wear collars with tags just in case they slip out the front door while your uncle was bringing in presents.

Stay safe, enjoy yourselves, take care and Merry Christmas to you all!
Sources: ASPCA, Washington State University, Healthy Pet