The sight of pigs in paradise is a strange one, but on one island in the
Bahamas the pigs have the place all to themselves. They nap leisurely
in the shade of the trees and go swimming every day in the sea --
especially whenPig on Pig Island in the Bahamas (You Tube Image)Pig on Pig Island in the Bahamas (You Tube Image) they hear the sound of a boat approaching. Visitors to
the island invariably bring food for the porcine critters.

No one knows exactly where the pigs came from, but it is largely believed that sailors dropped them off here many years ago to create a food source for themselves in the area. The sailors never returned and the pigs now enjoy the island Swimming Pigs of Pig Island (You Tube Image)Swimming Pigs of Pig Island (You Tube Image)life in peace. The amazingly healthy pigs are fed regularly by tourists and locals visiting the island. The small island possesses a natural fresh-water spring and it buffered from tropical storms by a number of neighboring islands. 

Over the years the pigs figured out that passing ships would discard food scraps into the water and now eagerly take off into the water in hopes of a quick meal. They dog-paddle out to the boats of the locals that come to feed them, as well as the tourists that now come to see the incredible sight. The pigs are so comfortable in the water they don't even mind when the occasional human joins in the fun.

If there ever was any treasure on Pig Island (the official name is Big Major Cay), the pigs have probably rooted it up by now as they snuffle through the underbrush. To the pigs, life on their own tropical island paradise with free catering is the treasure.

Source: Mail Online