If you live in a flat or apartment and you're tight for space, sometimes you have to get a little creative with your interior design. You might not be able to afford installing pieces merely for aesthetic purposes only, but you can add a bit of style and let your personality shine through in basic fixtures and furniture. For example, you can have decorated couches or specially designed tables and chairs in your home.


And then there's the Pig Lamp. It's small and tinier than what was previously mentioned, but it can actually make a huge statement in your home. For one, it shows that you're an animal lover. And two, I may be biased here but I think it will also show that you have good taste.

What makes the pig lamp different is it's not the entire body of the big that lights up; in fact, it's only the tail. 


The Pig Lamp was designed by Ariel Rojo and is made from lead-free ceramics. They were inspired from Ariel's ecological awareness in taking the first few steps to avoid a world energy crisis. You can get them from Generate for $79.

What do you think? Will these Pig Lamps make a fine addition to your home?