Most of us, no matter where we live, are subject to one or more environmental crisis -- be it fire, earthquake, tornado, or flooding.  Believe me, it's worth it to be ready for times you may have to evacuate your home, no matter how remote you may believe the possibility. 

Being ready includes preparing for your pets' evacuation too.  From Japan, comes a high-tech, pre-packed pet jacket that has conveniently thought of everything your dog, cat, and even you may need for the first 24 - 48 hours after evacuation: the Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket.

As usual, Japanese designers leave nothing out when it comes to pet care, and nothing when it comes to the efficiency of the Emergency Jacket.  And, no pun intended, this utilitarian jacket even has quite the fashionable flare!

Actually, the jacket is made of the latest high-tech fire-retardant fabric used by the Japanese Firefighting Association -- a polyester base cloth, a polyurethane outer shell, and a fireproof acrylic lining, with rapid Velcro closures.  The Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket is also fitted with a sturdy carrying handle and a longer strap that can double as a leash.  (I don't know about hanging the strap around your neck....)





Nearly every inch of space on the pet jacket is used for storage of 1) Pet supplies, including a food bowl, muzzle, hermetically sealed odor control bag, protective rain hood and rubber booties, freezer
gel packs (to control heat), a bell, and a waterproof ID capsule with blank paper; and 2) Human supplies like 50mL sealed water packs for drinking or disinfecting, nutrition bars,
bandages, aromatic oil (for calming panic), first-aid gloves,
mini-radio, and an emergency whistle.




Having been evacuated twice in the last few years due to fires in Southern California, I promise that the relief of having the Pet Evacuation Jacket handy will return more than the cost of the jacket. ($430).  The jacket comes in three sizes, 01 - 03, with 03 being the smallest.  Sizing and ordering information is available at the Japan Trend Shop.

Steve Levenstein, our Japan writer, sent me this buzz... Thanks Steve!


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