A snake in a sweater? It is the sort of thing that you never thought
you'd see in your lifetime -- at least outside of a Disney animated
film. But Milky Joe is not just any snake. He is the beloved pet of
Stephanie Christine Davidson who is a very caring and concerned snake

Milky Joe in his turtle neck. (You Tube Image)Milky Joe in his turtle neck. (You Tube Image)

Davidson was concerned about her cold-blooded little pal making it through the winter warm and snug. As with all mothers, sweaters just seem a natural go-to answer. So she got out the yarn and knitting needles and went to work. The tail end is ribbed to make it a little snugger and the other end is ribbed and turned back like a turtle neck. 

Milky Joe in his sweater. (You Tube Image)Milky Joe in his sweater. (You Tube Image)

Joe seems to like his warm little pink tunnel and the fact that it is pink doesn't seem to impugn his masculinity in the slightest. 

If you want a sweater for your reptilian friend, you will have to do as Davidson and make it yourself. There do not seem to be any ready-made sweaters on the market.

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