When you are taking off for a long weekend you can leave an owl or a cat
in charge of watering you favorite plant with one of these great
Weekend Plant Feeders. The terra cotta material makes a great decorative
accent too.

 Weekend Plant Feeders -- CatWeekend Plant Feeders -- Cat

These clever little animals are hollow so that you can fill them with water. The water will seep naturally through the clay to be delivered to your plant at a slow and steady rate. They hold enough water to keep your plants going happily for three days. You can use them for either indoor or outdoor plants.

Weekend Plant Feeders -- OwlWeekend Plant Feeders -- Owl

They are handmade in Brooklyn, New York, by designer Michiko Shimada. Her line of ceramics focuses on being simple and practical with touches of beauty and whimsy. Since the pieces are handmade there are likely to differences from one piece to the next.

Weekend Plant Feeders -- ReverseWeekend Plant Feeders -- Reverse

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