Dog owners are, of course, delighted that more and more hotels (mostly motels)
are opening up to our canine companions.  But in the United Kingdom,
particularly Scotland, some of the finest, poshest hotels are offering a
different kind of doggie vacation for 'staycationers."

Whereas many hotels require a deposit to bring your dog into the room, at the Bonham Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland, there's no deposit.  You purchase your dog his own staycation, complete with gourmet meals, dog sitting, luxury dog beds, and even dog listening The Bonham's Doggy Dreams package even includes a home cooked breakfast based on whatever dreams your dog has about food.


 Lab served breakfast at Bonham Hotel: Image: Dan Phillips via scotsman.comLab served breakfast at Bonham Hotel: Image: Dan Phillips via


Dogs are monitored at the Four Seasons Hotel in St Fillans, Perthshire, to prevent loneliness. Any anxiety suspected while the owners are away, and an escort will arrive at the door to sit with the dog or take him on a walk.

Such service in Scotland, where dogs are welcome, may cost as much as £150  (around $230) a night, but
to those who are saving money by not going abroad, the expense is well worth not having to worry about their dogs while they're gone.

As for the hoteliers, as one, Adam Moore of The Trigony House Hotel, where a night in the dog house is a welcome opportunity, told the Scotsman, “We very rarely have a problem. Most dogs are at least as clean as most humans.”