It's almost time to ring in the New Year. Whether you're staying in or
going out, here's how to make sure your pet's 2013 gets off to a great
(and safe) start.


If You're Staying In

If you're in the habit of taking a walk with your pet, be sure to do it early. That way, you can stay in and avoid the loud noises and potentially intoxicated drivers you might encounter on an evening stroll.


Photo by mphoenix, flickr.Photo by mphoenix, flickr.


If you're throwing a party, your pet may enjoy interacting with your guests, but you should still make sure he or she has a quiet place to get away to if the party gets too exciting. Discourage your guests from handing out table scraps and keep all alcohol out of your pet's reach.


If You're Going Out

Remember that your neighbors' loud fireworks might scare your pet and make sure you provide everything he or she needs to be comfortable in your absence. You might also want to keep the TV or radio on to create some white noise.


Photo by malingering, flickrPhoto by malingering, flickr


Follow these tips and your pet's New Year should be off to a smooth start.


Source: RamonaPatch