When you’re trying to sleep in on the weekend, you might feel like that singing blue jay happily perched right outside your window is the loudest creature alive. Consider yourself lucky, as nature has plenty of much louder and more obnoxious animals that really tick off their neighbors!


Everyone knows that elephants are every bit as loud as they are huge, but did you know that they make noise that can travel up to ten miles away? Humans can’t hear those infrasonic vibrations, but their trumpets are around 117 decibels. That’s louder than a jackhammer!

Howler Monkeys



The largest primate species of South America uses their throat sacs to belch out extremely lout hooting cries from the tops of jungle canopies. Not only do these throaty calls carry for around three miles, they average around 128 decibels, and that’s noisier than a Formula 1 race car! The locals might find these noisy monkeys annoying, but their extremely loud hooting works wonders for communicating across the dense rainforest.

Golden Retrievers



No, I’m not pulling your leg- Charlie, a golden retriever from Australia, currently holds the current world record for the world’s loudest dog bark. His eardrum piercing barks topped out at a whopping 113.1 decibels, and while it’s shy of the elephant/howler monkey range, it’s still louder than a revving chainsaw! As many times as I’ve jumped out of my skin when Jessie, my golden retriever pal decided to bark over nothing, I don’t doubt Charlie’s “talents” for a second…

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