Anyone who knows cats knows that once a cat finds a place that it likes
you will be hard pressed to change its mind. Such is the case with
Mango, a gray tabby cat in Tiverton, Devon, England. While he has a
proper home and someone to care for him, he likes to spend his days
hanging out at his local Tesco grocery store. There he greets customers,
checks on inventory, and naps.

 Mango, the Tesco Tabby (Image via Facebook)Mango, the Tesco Tabby (Image via Facebook)

The friendly tabby is popular among the customers and has been happily hanging out at the store for four years now -- primarily in the store's foyer. Like any cat he spends most of his time napping there, but he will make the occasional foray into the different departments to make sure things are being taken care of properly.

 Mango Greeting a Customer (YouTube Image)Mango Greeting a Customer (YouTube Image)

One of his many admirers has set up a Facebook page for the mellow moggie. In the past few days the number of likes has jumped by more than 9,000 as his popularity has been reported in the media.

Mango Napping in the Hand Warmers (YouTube Image)Mango Napping in the Hand Warmers (YouTube Image)


There has been some controversy lately over whether or not Mango has worn out his welcome at the store after the employees at the store chipped in to buy him a proper plastic kennel which sits outside the store entrance. One shopper claims to have seen a staffer "evict" the cat by putting him out in the rain. 

A Yawn for Mango (YouTube Image)A Yawn for Mango (YouTube Image)


A spokesperson for Tesco has assured the public that Mango is still loved and welcomed at the store, and has not fallen victim to corporate bureaucracy. The kennel was put in place just to give Mango his own comfortable, personal space.


As cat lovers well know, Mango is likely to still prefer sleeping on a pile of hand warmers. It's just a cat thing.

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