This is Martin - Secretaire, a domesticated donkey whose photo may not indicate his size.  Though he carries the old fashioned designation of Secretaire - what is usually assumed to be a small writing table in the corner of a living room - Martin is not petite or old fashioned.



Martin is, in fact, 6'7" long, 5'10" high, and 2' deep.  This image should give you a better idea of Martin's stature.



Benoìt Convers, the male half of the design team at Ibride,
created Martin, who, along with a host of other zoomorphic furniture designs,
populates the Ibride showroom in La Vèze, France.  Convers handsome donkey cabinet is made
of heat and water-resistant high-pressure laminate that will hold
books, a computer screen, objets d'arte, or even tableware.

Here, Rachel Convers, the female half of the design team, shows how sturdy and stable is the Martin - Secretaire.



Perhaps Martin could become your home office?



But Martin clearly feels at home anywhere...



Visit Martin up close at Made in Design.