You can’t be wise and in love at the same time. ~ Bob Dylan

The capacity to love lives within all creatures great and small, whether they have two legs or four, walk upright, have feathers, neigh, bray, grunt, squeak, bark or meow. This unexplainable magnetism for one living thing towards another has long been the subject of poems, songs, books and movies down through the centuries. The day honoring all lovers dates back to the glorious empire of ancient Rome in the 3rd century AD and a Saint Valentinus, whose martyrdom had the nerve to start it all.

Some things never change and the need to love and be loved is one of them. Remember the Duke of Windsor who relinquished his throne to the British Empire for the sake of the woman he loved? While not always that dramatic, the power of love can be a deep and quiet one, not limited to the human spirit.

The animal kingdom abounds with love, lust, togetherness, soft places to fall and last of all, fun. Don’t just take my word for it; Check out these images below and enjoy!


Two Cats In Sync

I love you, Harold, but we really do need a larger apartment.
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Hedda Hamster, Eat Your Heart Out

Seymour, we have the hats. Shouldn't we go look for a parade somewhere?
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Why Goats Don't Need Television

It's you, Sam. It always will be.
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Swine Love Divine

Just tell me again that I'm beautiful!
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So take a tip from the animal kingdom and love the one you love with all your heart.

Not just on St. Valentine's Day, mind you, but on the other 364 as well!

Happy Valentine's Day to all.