Could this be a real baby triceratops?  Of course not (at least not
right now... let's give it another 20 years and we'll have dinosaurs
roaming all over the place thanks to DNA research).  But does it look
somewhat real?  Yep.  And I've seen it first-hand...

Sure, it's a puppet.  But when you see it up close it's quite realistic.  This is, if you've not guessed, a small gem at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Florida--in Jurassic Park.  Fun stuff.  And they put some serious detail in their shows.  To put it in perspective, if I were an 8-year-old kid I would totally believe that this woman was holding a real baby dinosaur.  That's the beauty of being a kid.  And I wish I still had that same innocence, because it makes the world a place of wonder and fun.

Video uploaded by jeffery altman on March 16, 2012.

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