We should all take lessons from the animals around us.  Here is Lilli, for example, a cow born with six legs.  Humans may shudder at this mutation, but Lilli is just fine about it.  Sentenced to death just after birth, she received a stay of execution when...

... the owner of the cattle ranch, farmer Andreas Knutti saw what a happy young calf she was. Although Lilli's veterinarian predicted that she would not survive, she is now 7 weeks old and looks as fit and chipper as any young, spirited cow.  Besides, now she's a celebrity.


Lilli may be a bit of an oddball, but she's a happy calf: ©EPA via dailymail.co.ukLilli may be a bit of an oddball, but she's a happy calf: ©EPA via dailymail.co.uk


Lilli loves to face the camera: ©AP via dailymail.co.ukLilli loves to face the camera: ©AP via dailymail.co.uk


Long live Lilli!: ©AP via dailymail.co.ukLong live Lilli!: ©AP via dailymail.co.uk


Born just south of Berne, Switzerland, she gracefully faced the Swiss and international press this week, feeling no shame or embarrassment.  She's become a favorite pet to Knutti and his daughter, but this summer, when her pals head for greener Alpine pastures, she will join them! (via)