With snowy days on the way WAY too soon, it may be time to start
thinking about a new craft project, or even a whole new craft, to while
away those cold hours until you can get on the slopes. This cool
Hedgehog Needle Felting Kit could be just the answer!

Hedgehog Needle Felting KitHedgehog Needle Felting Kit

Yeah, I didn't know what needle felting is either, but I looked it up and it sounds really cool. You use a special needle to actually take the wool and make it into felt yourself without the use of water. That sounds pretty interesting to me.

Hedgehog Needle Felting KitHedgehog Needle Felting Kit

The kit provides the wools, the needles, and other implements to allow you to construct two to three little toy hedgehogs. Once you are done the implements will still be around to help you move on to your next project.

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