The FROG Light LED bicycle light packs a quartet of powerful LED lights to help ensure bike riders are as visible as possible in low-light conditions. The flexible, battery-powered light is designed to wrap around a bicycle's handlebar but can also be clipped to backpacks and jogger's belts.

Designed by Oxygene and sold at online retailers Idealtime and Rakuten, the FROG Light takes the established concept of one- and two-LED frog-shaped lights (yes, this IS a thing) and takes it to the next level.

Not only is the FROG Light cuter and, well, more “frog-like” than its competitors, it incorporates four LEDs – two white and two red – which can be arranged to steadily blaze or blink in pairs or in total according to the user's discretion.

Here's what we're talkin' 'bout:  

* Press the FROG Light's back once to light up the two white LED eyes
* Press twice and the two LED eyes begin flashing
* Press 3 times to turn on the two red LEDs in the frog's body
* Press 4 times and the two red LEDs in the frog's body begin flashing
* Press 5 times and all 4 LEDs begin flashing
* Press 6 times to turn off all LEDs

The FROG Light comes in a choice of five colors (black, white, green, orange or pink). You'll need two CR2032 button batteries to power the FROG Light; batteries are included but you'll want to stock up as you'll eventually need to replace them.

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