Now, this is food service!: image via myanimalcarecenter.comNow, this is food service!: image via myanimalcarecenter.comHow would you like a pet service that doesn't cost you more than not
having a pet service?  Hard to find these days. Well, now you can get
almost any dog or cat food that your pets eat through such a service. 
The company is called Petflow and it ships your pet's food right to your home for less than it would cost you to purchase it at a pet store, without the inconvenience.

Coincidentally, I just picked up a bag of cat food at the pet shop today.  I was at the 'super' pet store, so first I had to find the brand I wanted.  Then, I paid for it along with the 8 percent state sales tax, and then, I carried the 15 pound bag to the car, while my dog (Oh yes, he was with me!) was pulling me towards a little Westie at the other side of the parking lot.  Whew!

With Petflow you can avoid all of that.  Just go to the site, choose among dozens of foods, even specialized foods for pets with special dietary needs.  The discounts are pretty good; the food I purchased today was 20 percent less at PetFlow.  And the shipping rates are very reasonable, even free for some purchases.  Here's a cute little commercial for the service.




Plus, at PetFlow you can also get tons of great advice on puppy and dog training, as well as pet health, grooming, and most dog-related topics.  Check out the site here.


That's the buzz for today!