If your cat is like most cats, it loves fish -- if not for dinner, then at
least to watch in an aquarium or pond. So why not add one more to the
mix with this really cool and cuddly Shark Cat Bed? Your cat will love
it -- especially if you don't let on that it is really for them.

 Shark Cat BedShark Cat Bed

Most cats also love little hidey holes where they can curl up and hide from the world for a few hours now and then. These gaping jaws of death are just the thing -- and make a great accent to any room that could use an apex predator swimming around.

Shark Cat BedShark Cat Bed

The bed is made of plastic, foam, and cotton. It is even machine washable and dryable so that those times when vomit happens it is easy to take care of. The shark bed is handmade in Washington State by Jennifer Schmidt. She was a professional costume designer in a past life, er, career.

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