Hot on the heels of Choken-Bako, the wind-up dogs that ate your coins, comes Oshikko Inu, "DO NOT Pee In the House!

Of course... the wind up dogs pee.  Or rather, they drip water on your floor as they waddle around after you wind them up.  Instructions are to dunk the dog's rear quarters into 'his water bowl'  (not toilet bowl), make sure he has some water saved up, wind him up, and let 'im go.   I'm calling the toy dog a 'he,' because he appears to pick up a leg as he's 'peeing.'

There are three peeing dogs to choose from:


Choken-Bako, MAYU, Japanese peeing dog toyChoken-Bako, MAYU, Japanese peeing dog toy


 Choken-Bako, CHA, Japanese peeing dog toyChoken-Bako, CHA, Japanese peeing dog toy


Choken-Bako, BUCHI, Japanese peeing dog toyChoken-Bako, BUCHI, Japanese peeing dog toy


Here's little CHA doing his business in the house.




This is actually a really cute toy, great for a gag gift.  But I'm always thinking of pets, and of pet abuse.  I just hope it doesn't teach kids to abuse pets.  What do you think?  Am I too sensitive?

Any, please, inventor of coin-eating and peeing toy dogs, don't invent a toy dog that poops....

Good find, Steve, on Strapya World via Tokyo Mango


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