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My sister can be evil.  About two months after Buster had passed away, I was driving past a local civic center here in town.  The sign stated that there was going to be a pet adoption drive on Saturday.  I logged that in my head, then immediately threw out the idea of going.  I simply did not feel ready.

But then I mentioned it to my sister.  She immediately said, "You should do it."  I told her I wasn't ready.  Each time I talked to her during the week she would bring up the adoption drive.  The phrase, "You should do it" became the equivalent of "Good-bye" at the end of the call.  It was a war of attrition.  And I lost.

I told you my sister can be evil.

Boosted by support from her and some good friends, we descended on the drive with a purpose.*  Upon entering we encountered a myriad of pets waiting to be adopted.  Birds, dogs, cats, even a few lizards and such.  And it was crowded--which gave me hope as there were so many little buddies in need of a home.  We drifted around a bit, looking at all of the beautiful animals that had been abandoned or mistreated.  If I had my way I would have walked out with a truck full of happy little buddies.  We all know that feeling.  A feeling of regret when we can't just fix everything.  So I moved on... and I found the kitties.

After looking and giving rubbin's to multiple little cats, I found one that just seemed to like me.  He cuddled and was just plain cute and happy.  I filled out a ridiculous amount of paperwork (which was odd), then waited for 15 minutes for the woman to come back and say that I was not fit to adopt him.  In the interest of not being an asshole, I'm going to keep the name of this animal rescue agency private.  I will say this: Animal adoption agencies should be careful of who they hire.  In this case I had a crazy cat lady.  She stated that I was not fit to adopt this cat because I did not have another cat to keep him company.  Unless I adopted a second cat, I could not have him.

I didn't have the money for two cats.  I did not come to this event to get two cats.  She would not relent.

My problem with this is simple: The entire point of having a big, multi-shelter adoption day is to find the little buddies a good home.  Why in the hell is this person arguing with me?

I walked away in anger.  White hot "I'm going to go apeshit" anger.  And when the anger subsided, I went to another end of the cat adoption area and began looking again.

And that's where I found "Princess."

I picked her up and held her for a moment--and she melted like butter into my arms.  Purring, floppy, totally happy.


I immediately panicked over the mountain of paperwork and crazy that I would have to go through and thought about just bolting right there.  But as I turned I found myself surrounded by my friends and family who saw the "melt."  My friends all mutually agreed with me and sort of escorted me over to the cashier.  So.... in this case no tons of paperwork or insane person.  The guy looks at me, asks for "Princess" and digs up paperwork.

Next thing you know, I'm walking out with this:

Total cost: $25.00.  That included her being fixed, all of her shots, and a tracking chip.  I'm just gonna say that if you can't afford that small amount for a cute buddy with all of that included.... don't get a pet.  When I walked out with "Princess, " I was amazed at how easy it was.  Instead of running me through the ringer, I paid, got all of her paperwork and they took a picture of me with her.  They were nice and happy that a little pet had found a new home.

And here is what I currently deal with:

After over 16 years, I'd forgotten what it was like to have a kitten in the house.  But it didn't take me long to remember...

Continued in Part 3.

*As a sidenote, I can't give enough thanks to my friends Scottie and Jeanette, as well as my evil sister Betsy, for urging me to do this.  They are special people to me and pushed me in a direction that I was blind to.  Thanks guy and gals.