The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
has been telling us for years not to give pets as gifts during the
holidays. After conducting a new study on the welfare of pets given as
gifts, the ASPCA How to Wrap a Cat (You Tube Image)How to Wrap a Cat (You Tube Image)reversed its position earlier this year. In now says
that the gift of a shelter pet is perfect for Christmas giving. So if you are going to give a cat this year, you had better be prepared for how to wrap it.

The study was conducted in July and found that 86% of that animals adopted during the holidays were either still in the home or had remained with their families until they died. That is roughly the same as pets adopted at any other time of year.

The ASPCA says since many people have extra time off around Christmas, it can be the perfect time to adopt. Having extra time available to help the animal get used to its new home is a good thing.

Always Finish with a Bow (You Tube Image)Always Finish with a Bow (You Tube Image)Some organizations are still advising against giving pets as gifts. Instead, you may want to check with your local shelter to see if they offer gift certificates for adoption and give one of those instead of a live animal.

To wrap that last minute cat, check out the video below. Aside from sturdy paper, it is a good idea to select a fairly passive and trusting feline. Not doing so could lead to significant injury and blood loss. Always finish off the gift with a bow that compliments that color or colors of the cat's fur. Instructions for wrapping a dog would be much the same.

Now you are totally prepared to give a pet to someone special this Christmas.

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