On Tuesday morning a billy goat was seen sauntering down a road and onto
the grounds of a middle school in Houston, Texas. Neighbors looked in 
while school officials called 911 about the mysterious stranger hoofing
it Goat (Photo by Leland/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Goat (Photo by Leland/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)around the school grounds. As his visit continued he grew agitated
and went from billy to bully.

The animal was most likely a local pet that had managed to get loose. His Ferris Beuller moment turned a bit ugly when he started bullying the students by trying to butt them and bite them. Four hundred students were taken to the cafeteria for safety.

When police arrived the goat went quietly and did not resist arrest. The goat will be kept in custody for 18 business days. If no one comes forward to claim him he will be sold at auction.

Source: ABC Local