What a sweet surprise in my email today! Genuinely design-friendly Bird Hooks in polished metal are new at Suck UK, which never fails to create just the perfect gifts for several people you know, including yourself.


Bird Hooks by Suck UKBird Hooks by Suck UK

Bird Hooks by Suck UK, nicely packaged for giftingBird Hooks by Suck UK, nicely packaged for giftingThese three lovely birds are perfect for any room, as they beautify their surroundings. They have a modern, clean look that belies the fact that your dog leash, car keys, or jockey shorts might be hanging from them.

And the Bird Hooks are of ample dimension (around 3 inches in diameter in lenghth and width and approximately 3/4 inch in depth including the hook) to make sure they'll stand out visually.  Why have a hook unless you can admire its beauty as well as practicality? (Nice size hook too!)

Made of a mixture of carbon, steel, and iron, these birds are actually environmentally friendly. Yes, you can recycle them, but who would want to?
The Bird Hooks were designed by Hada-Mi Design Studio of South Korea, and are availablle at Suck UK.

That's the buzz for today!