For the past few weeks there had been reports of a black Labrador retriever running around in the area of a park in Makato, Minnesota.
What made this report so unusual is that the poor pup had a plastic jar
stuck on his head. He had been quite shy of humans and therefore
difficult to catch. Katherine and Don Nelson and their friend Sue Leach decided to take a shot at trying to help the dog. Their efforts paid off.

"Jughead" (Image via Kare II)"Jughead" (Image via Kare II)

They spent three days trying to capture the wayward dog. They finally set up a live trap baited with food, but that didn't work. However, when they went to check the trap they say his paw prints in the snow and followed them into a swampy area where they found his sleeping. They crept up on him, grabbed him, and put him in their van. He tried to struggle to get free, but he just no longer had the strength.

"Jughead" (Image via Kare II)"Jughead" (Image via Kare II)

The trio took the dog to the Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital. While Jughead was being unloaded from the van he finally managed to wriggle free of the jar. His condition was dire, but he is receiving the very best of care. Once the shockingly thin dog is ready to be discharged from the hospital he will go to the Nelson's farm to be resocialized to humans and other dogs. Eventually he will be adopted out to a good home with a tall fence.

"Jughead" (Image via Kare II)"Jughead" (Image via Kare II)

Police think that he might still be a flight risk. They estimate that the dog had been a stray for at least a year. Hopefully at the farm there is a dog named Archie for Jughead to be best pals with.

Source: Kare II


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