Were you aware of the correlation between your health and pets? Pets make great companions, and in a loving environment, can truly create a better quality of life. Here are some of the ways owning a pet can actually improve health.

Pet's Day Out: Image by Mosman Council, FlickrPet's Day Out: Image by Mosman Council, Flickr 

Pets Can Improve Health By Boosting Mood

Pets are natural mood enhancers. In the time that you're spending with your pet, the body can actually go through physical changes which make a difference in your mind and boost your mood. The stress hormone, cortisol, is lowered, and the production of serotonin, a natural "well-being" chemical, increases. This natural reduction in stress and improvement of mood can lower physical stress as well.

Pets Can Reduce Risk Of Allergies, Asthma, And Eczema 

People with allergies have a tendency to produce antibodies which can cause inflammation of the skin and airways in response to irritants such as pet dander. It's thought that exposure to pets as a child may reduce the risk of developing these responses because the immune system will become desensitized to the irritants. Studies have suggested that this process may even begin before birth.

Pets Can Lower Blood Pressure

While it's still important to eat right and exercise regularly (a pet such as a dog can actually help with this), pets have also shown to keep blood pressure down in most pet owners. Studies have also shown that children with hypertension show lower blood pressure when petting a dog, and even seniors with alzheimer's have shown less anxiety attacks when they have a pet companion.

Pets Can Lower Cholesterol

Pets Day Out: Image by Mosman Council, FlickrPets Day Out: Image by Mosman Council, Flickr

While it's still important to maintain a good diet and exercise, along with taking any prescribed medication, owning a pet has shown promise in lowering the dangers of cholesterol. Studies have shown lower amounts in tryglicerides and cholesterol in pet owners in comparison to people who don't. Though this may be connected to the generally more active lifestyle of pet owners, it couldn't hurt to get out and exercise with your pet.

Pets Can Improve Heart Health

One of the long term benefits of owning a pet is actually improved heart health. Various studies have shown that only 1% of dog owners who suffered from heart attacks died from the affliction, and cat owners were roughly 37% less likely to suffer any heart problems at all.

Some other health benefits of owning pets include lowered depression, better physical fitness, fewer strokes, less isolation, diabetic help, ADHD help, Autism help, stronger bones from exercise, Rheumatoid Arthritis relief, and seizure warnings. Remember to give your pet plenty of loving care in return, to make sure your pet has a safe and happy life.

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