They have invaded the beaches around Honolulu be the millions and
baffling scientists. They speculate that the pea-sized, crab-like
creatures may be the larval stage of the spotted reef crab. The
biologists admit that Mystery Crab (Photo from You Tube video)Mystery Crab (Photo from You Tube video)they have never seen anything like this before.
They are still searching to ascertain the true identity of the tiny

Many of the crabs that washed ashore are now dead. Experts theorize that a number of conditions may have caused the beaching -- storms, change in water temperatures, or even pollution. However, Hawaii has not had any of these scenarios lately. Another possibility is that rough seas may have created air bubbles that could have gotten under the shells. This would prevent the crabs from being able to dive out of the way from the tide.

The invasion was first reported by a lifeguard as surfers were telling her that the tiny creatures were climbing onto their boards and then continuing on to them. Perhaps they were concerned initially that these actually were "purple people eaters."

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