With most tables you get four legs, occasionally three or one, but there
is rarely much of a variation on this. Until now -- now you can get a
table with eight arms. Artist and designer Isaac Krauss has created a
wondrous, life-sized octopus to hold up a round glass table top. The piece is called the octopus table.

Octopus TableOctopus Table

This amazing piece of functional art would probably need some extra support to put this in your living room. The bronze sculpture weighs in at a hefty 500 pounds. There are glass eyes to stare at you as well.

Octopus TableOctopus Table

The table took Krauss 1500 hours to complete. While the website doesn't list a price for the table, you know it is going to be a pricey business to buy it. With that kind of manpower required, chances are good that this octopus table will remain one of a kind.

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Octopus Table DetailOctopus Table Detail