It is no secret that butter comes from cows . . .  eventually. For this
cow to still be hanging out with butter means that she had to get pretty
shaken up. Perhaps that explains the expression on her face. This
Marjorie the Cow Butter Dish
makes spreading it on way more fun.

Marjorie the Cow Butter DishMarjorie the Cow Butter Dish

The whimsical design was created by artisan Becky Ziemer. She also hand makes every dish she sells so each one is turns out a bit unique. The dish is made of stoneware. The bottom dish is green and has a serrated edge to be reminiscent of a pasture of grass and is glazed for easy cleaning. The cover is glazed on the inside for cleaning, but the outside is left unglazed to give enough texture to make it easier to hold onto when in use. Made in Memphis, Tennessee.

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