Eddie the sea otter is 15 years old and in otter terms that is
considerably old. Vets at the Oregon Zoo found that he was suffering
from arthritis in his elbows when they were checking his x-rays. They
recommended Eddie the Otter Makes a Slam Dunk (You Tube Image)Eddie the Otter Makes a Slam Dunk (You Tube Image)that the little marine mammal take up basketball to improve
his condition and keep him mobile though his remaining golden years.

Since otters don't use their front legs to swim, he didn't have a lot of chances to exercise those joints in his daily routine, so zookeepers taught him to shoot hoops. Otters are naturally dexterous and helped Eddie to pick up the game quickly. Now, despite his advanced age, he manages to slam dunk most of his shots. Even when he misses he will grab the rebound and try again until he sinks the ball. He apparently loves his new hobby.

The zoo is now waiting for a call from the Portland Trailblazers recruiting office. They could probably use someone with a talent like Eddie's. Since coach Terry Stotts majored in zoology in school, it does seem to be a natural fit.

Source: Washington Post