Playful Innocent Deer - Little Does He Know....Playful Innocent Deer - Little Does He Know....

We’ve all seen the movie Bambi, right? Well here is some art that will make you think twice about that cute little deer you saw prancing around on your television. Get ready for some deer butt art.

Hunters take note! Redneck Art is the new craze around the world. Families all over are enjoying their quality time spent together making animal ass redneck art. They say the secret to making one of these is simple.

Before and AfterBefore and After

All you need is a styrofoam mannequin head, a fresh deer butt, a sharp knife and some glue.

From the site: "When preparing a deer butt alien head the old fashioned way (from scratch), it's important to tie off the anus with a piece of string so that the white tail area does not become soiled with deer doo-doo when you cut open your treasure."

Potential artists are warned not to pop the gall bladder during the creation of their masterpiece or it will "stink to high-heaven" while ruining the meat and your deer butt. Should we be grateful for this advice?....

You are a true redneck artist when you can shape the anus to look like a mouth. That is considered the true test of your skills. I wonder how many years you have to be a deer butt artist in order to perfect that one?

Deer Butt Alien HeadsDeer Butt Alien Heads

If shaping the anus of a deer butt is not your thing, you can instead make the carcass into a doorbell. Imagine people's surprise and joy when they get to press this buzzer:

Deer Butt DoorbellDeer Butt Doorbell


What gets me is the constant references to this being fun and educational for the kids. This is exactly what I wanted to do with my family on a Friday night. Instead of Game Night, we should have done Deer Butt Alien Head Night. I pleaded and begged my parents for this, but they always said no. Maybe I would have turned out a better person. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Source: dba-oracle