There's something about cute, pink kitty tongues that drive us wild. Did you know that cat's have tiny little barbs, make of keratin which is the same material your nails are made of, on their tongues? Or that cat’s tongue has fewer taste buds than humans so the size, shape and texture of foods are really important to cats?

Well now that you know know some interesting facts about cats and their tongues, prepare yourself to melt over these 23 insanely adorable cats sticking
their tongues out.  The cuteness is almost unbearable.  If you're having a bad
day, one of these little balls of  fur can lick your troubles


1. "I Solemnly Swear ... I Am Up To No Good."

Source: twitter


2.  "This Is How I Feel About The New Dog."



3."You're Going To Be Gone For How Long?!"

Source:  tilestrwa


4.  "I've Discovered A New Kitten Talent"




5. "Oh, You Want Me To SMILE For The Camera? Here's My Smile..."

Source: raspberrycats


6."Can You Tell That I Find You Fascinating...Utterly Fascinating!"

Source: somuchviral


7. "You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round."

Source: attackofthecute


8. "I'm Not A Scaredy Cat. I Just Heard Something Outside."

Source: tumblr

9. "What I Look Like When I See My Crush."

Source: dumpcast


10. "Try To Touch My Nose With My Tongue, They Said.  It'll Be Fun They Said"



11. "Wait... I Need To Take Another Selfie!"

Source: Pinterest


11. "I Dreamt I Was Falling...Into A Giant Pile Of Cake And Lasagna."

Source: instagram

13."Quick!  Mom's Home, Let's Hide The Catnip!"


14. "I'm Only On My Fourth Cat-puccino."


15.  "Is My Tongue Purple Like Yours? I Can't See It."



16. "Do I Have Meowning Breath?"

 Source: tumblr


17.  "What Did The Cat Say When He Lost All His Money?...I'm Paw!"

Source: tumblr


18."She Said What!?  You've Got To Be Kitten Me!"



19.  "You Look Good Enough To Eat."


Source: Blogspot


20.  "I'm Not At All A-mew-sed."




21. "You Busy? Can We Wrestle?"


22.  "Hi, I'm Just Here To Clean Your Windows."



23. "Anyone Need A Lick?"

 Source: Pinterest (origina source unknown)

So what do you think of these little fluff balls of cuteness? I'd be happy to have any of of them in my home. How about you? Any one your favorite?


Created Sept 2015 and updated December 2015. 

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