Four years ago a crocodile was smuggled into the Gaza Strip through an
underground tunnel along the border with Egypt. It was destined for one
of the zoos that are popular in the embattled area. Two years ago the
Crocodile (Public Domain Image)Crocodile (Public Domain Image)crocodile had managed to escape from the zoo and has been terrorizing
residents as it fed upon their ducks and goats.

Residents were afraid to leave their homes because of fears that the reptile might also view them as prey. 

Police in Gaza did a Google search on how to capture the wayward reptile. The crocodile was living in a sewage pond near Umm al-Naser and just a half a mile away from the zoo from which it had escaped. Shark nets and two weeks of patience led to the final capture of the animal.

The crocodile, now almost six feet long, was not very interested in being recaptured and fought valiantly, but to no avail. It is now settling into a newly-built zoo in nearby Beit Lahiya and getting used to four new pool mates.

Source: Yahoo News