Meet Chino, the brown capuchin monkey! Chino lives in South Africa’s International Primate Rescue sanctuary, where he and around 100 of his simian friends are given the special love and care that they need. Chino is so thankful, he decided to share the secret to crushing leaves with your bare hands!




Aww, wasn’t that just the most adorable thing ever? Chino and his family of primates came from around the world to live at the International Primate Rescue center. Some of the many exotic primate species housed at the facility include marmosets, grey mouse lemurs, squirrel monkeys, macaques and tamarins. Just in case you were wondering how much the dedicated staff loves their primate pals, check out how they celebrated Chino’s birthday:




It wasn’t the triple decker banana crème cake that Chino wanted, but doesn’t everyone love a good bowl of gelatin? Chino is a brown capuchin monkey who was sold into the pet trade at a very young age, but was thankfully adopted by the International Primate Rescue when he was only six weeks old. Wild brown capuchins are native to the northern Amazon regions of Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia and survive on a diet of nuts, bugs, lizards, fruit and bird eggs. Little Chino might have had a tough time as a baby, but between his monkey and human family at the International Primate Rescue sanctuary, he’s living any monkey’s dream!

Source: YouTube, International Primate Rescue, Chino’s Facebook Page