As every cat lover knows, there is an old saying that you don't adopt a
cat, a cat adopts you. It's not just an old saying, it's true -- whether
you like it or not. One shop in the Scottish Borders learned that one
the hard way when an 18-year-old cat decided to take up residence in the
front window. The shop owners tried to move the senior citizen on, but
she was having none of it.

Stubborn Cat Living in a Shop Window in the Scottish Borders (Image via Redditi, posted by bigboyfox)Stubborn Cat Living in a Shop Window in the Scottish Borders (Image via Redditi, posted by bigboyfox)

The black and white kitty would not take any offers for a more comfortable or appropriate home. Wherever they moved her she returned to the window. They finally gave up and let her stay.

Chances are that the window is usually a warm place for those old bones to rest comfortably and no dog is going to disrupt her peace and quiet. It is also a great venue for keeping an eye on everything going on -- and cats just love to supervise. To her mind the window is probably the perfect place to live out her retirement years. They say that there are three things that are most important in choosing a place to live -- location, location, location.

In resignation, the shop has posted a sign that says "This cat is not for sale! She is 18 years old and has decided she wants to live in the window. She won - we lost!"

They may have lost but they did it quite gracefully by providing the obstinate kitty with a nice, puffy bed, and dishes of food and water right there. Not to mention that there is some obvious affection for the puss here.

Whether they like it or not, the ancient little moggie is probably some of the best publicity the shop owners could ask for. Thanks to the internet, the whole world will soon know about their establishment and its unusual window display.

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