It looks like the pet product market has not been saturated yet.  Here comes Bed Bath & Beyond with its own pet brand, PawsLife™, and it wants your pet product ideas!  PawsLife is teaming up with Edison Nation through Edison's Innovative Product Search to streamline the submission process.  Here's what this new competition is seeking...

1.  Travel products that will make airline or car travel more comfortable for pets, given the amount of space that's allotted for them.  Ideas that will make pets safer and less anxious are especially needed.

2. Creative ways to give your pet a bath that don't include getting water all over the place or getting you wet.

3.  Ways to ensure your pet a good night's sleep so that you too can get the rest you need.

4.  Grooming and de-tangling products.

5.  Getting rid of pet hairs on clothing, furniture, and carpeting.

6.  Play and rest area for pets, particularly ones that are foldable and/or portable.

Your submission must be innovative and useful, appealing to pet owner as well as pet, easy to produce with a price point of less than $50, and adaptable to different environments, like home and car.  Your innovation does not have to have a patent or be patentable, but it should have at least one new feature.

The deadline for submission to PawsLife is November 2, 2009.  Check out Bed Bath & Beyond's new pet products on its site so you can design your idea to fit right in. 

For more information on requirements and rules of submission visit Edison Nation here.

Please check all the rules very carefully before submitting and read the Innovator Agreement and Assignment Agreement carefully with a business attorney, if necessary.  Before submitting an idea, you really should know what your rewards will be, and if they meet your desires and
expectations for your invention.