The Internet contains a ton of news about pets and wildlife from all over the world, and we don't get to read all of it.  Well, here's some of the buzz you may have missed over the last few weeks that can inform you, pique your interest, make you laugh out loud, or just plain outrage you!

Here's one that might surprise you....


What's The Best U.S. City For Pets?


Happy Dogs by Pharrell Williams: image via https://youtube.comHappy Dogs by Pharrell Williams: image via


  • Would you believe Cincinnati is the best city for U.S. pets? WalletHub has compared 100 U.S. cities on the basis of various pet offerings including cost of veterinary care, number of dog parks per capita, number of pet friendly restaurants, and other pet-centered features.  Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Colorado Springs made the top three. Wait 'til you see the bottom three!

Dog Makeup?

  • Actually, the makeup is for you.  It's MAC's idea of helping you look like your dog.  Well, not any dog - a haute dog.  The new line is sure to "...enhance your pedigree, featuring luscious, buttery fur tones for eyes and regal berries for lips...."  Wow! This is great stuff!


MAC's new makeup line 'Haute Dogs Color Collection': image via maccosmetics.cimMAC's new makeup line 'Haute Dogs Color Collection': image via maccosmetics.cim



Lost & Found

  • African Spurred Tortoise: image via wikipedia.comAfrican Spurred Tortoise: image via wikipedia.comGracie, a pet African Spurred Tortoise in Houston was stolen after she wandered off while her owners were moving.  The thief demanded $1000 for Gracie's safe return. Gracie was eventually found by sheriff's deputies in a duffel bag in the thief's closet. The thief already had two warrants out on him for child molestation.... (Click2Houston)




Lost And NOT Found

  • Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor: image via boa-constrictors.comRed-Tailed Boa Constrictor: image via

    Leila, a pet Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor also disappeared, but no word has been heard of her so far.  The boa slithered away from her owner's shoulders while he was sleeping on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pittsburgh, where he had taken the boa for a swim.  Many attempts have been made to find Leyla, but no sign of her yet.  If you run into her, don't worry, she's "very friendly." (CBSLocal, Pittsburgh)



I.D. Tags For YOU!

Emergency Pets: image via truthaboutpetfood.comEmergency Pets: image via truthaboutpetfood.comI don't know if Gracie or Leyla were tagged, but one of Susan Thixton's readers had a brilliant idea to insure that pets would be immediately cared for if something inopportune were to happen to their owner. This 'I.D. Card' is especially useful for those who don't live with other humans, as it alerts medical or other personnel to call friends or relatives to care for your pets. Make sure those you list have keys to your home in case of emergency.




Pet Food Issues... AGAIN!

  • Hair For The Dog (And Cat): image via truthaboutdogfood.comHair For The Dog (And Cat): image via

    The latest ain't the greatest news either.  A couple of weeks ago, Susan Thixton, writer of Truth About Pet Food, purchased four bags of cat and dog food, and she reports that within seconds of first looking in the bags, she found hair sticking out of the kibble.  No, she wasn't using a magnifying glass.  Pedigree, for one, responded to claims its foods were unsafe with a statement you can find on Food World News, including  "... it's possible
    for natural fibers, like pig hair, to appear in the finished kibble.
    There is absolutely no quality or safety concern with the natural
    fibers...." Oh, yes, we love the pig hair....

  • Huffington Post did an in-depth piece on the dearth of quality pet foods; even the so-called premium brands have tested positive for listeria and other bacteria. But, it concludes, that even with the thousands of pet deaths that have resulted from bad pet food, the pet food lobby keeps on pushing for lesser pet food regulations. Meanwhile, I'm making my own!

Another Star Creates Her Own Pet Products

  • Lucy Liu, co-star of the CBS Sherlock Holmes series Elementary, has started her own pet product company with the goal of making non-toxic, sturdy items for pets. Here's a link to her new business, Le Roar.

Elementary on CBS starring Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller: image via cbs.comElementary on CBS starring Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller: image via


Considering Divorce? 

  • Don't forget to consider the welfare of your pets. If you earn the higher salary, chances are you will be responsible for the heftier share of pet support, whether you get custody of the pet or not.  (Reuters)


What about the dog?: Getty image via about the dog?: Getty image via


The Next Dog?

  • A California goat farm has gotten a lot of publicity, raising goats that are being promoted as the 'next dog,' a great family pet. The particular breed is called the fainting goat, or the myotonic goat. These goats generally fall down on their sides for a few seconds when frightened or excited.  Humans find their behavior funny; they are really sweet and make great pets, especially after they are neutered.  (Well...)


Fainting goats from Aspen Acres: image via aspenacresca.comFainting goats from Aspen Acres: image via


Japan And Its Cats...

Is there any country more closely bonded to its cats than Japan?  The Hiroshima Prefecture, Onomichi, has designed a Google map-like cat map that gives you a cat's eye view of the city.  The map alerts you to the best spots for cats, cat-friendly establishments, cat stores, and places where cats congregate, and if you click on a cat icon, you get a sweet meow for your trouble. Known for its quaint harbor and ancient temples, Onomichi is also a kitty haven!


Japanese cat map; a cat's eye view of the town of Onomichi: image via popsci.comJapanese cat map; a cat's eye view of the town of Onomichi: image via



More Buzz next week!