We all know that most dogs are smart, but some of them go way above and
beyond. There is a beautiful black lab mix in Seattle that is turning a
lot of heads these days. Her name is Eclipse and she likes to take the
bus to the dog park. The twist is that she will take the
bus alone. She has become the most popular passenger on the D Line

Eclipse Rides the Bus (Image via You Tube)Eclipse Rides the Bus (Image via You Tube)

Eclipse is the precious -- and precocious -- pooch belonging to Jeff Young. They take the bus together to go to the dog park so that Eclipse can play with her friends. While they are waiting for the bus Young takes a smoke break. If he isn't done he waits for the next bus -- but Eclipse doesn't. She gets on  the bus without him.

Once she is on the bus she hunts for an empty seat just like she is human. When she finds one she hops up and enjoys the ride. She makes friends with the other passengers, looks out the window, and occasionally licks the seats. She knows just when her stop is coming up and waits at the door to be let off.

Eclipse Rides the Bus (Image via You Tube)Eclipse Rides the Bus (Image via You Tube)

She goes to the park on her own and Young catches up with her. He didn't teach her to do this -- she just picked up the idea all on her own. She's been doing it for two years now.

About once a week Young will get a call from someone who has found his "lost dog" and he tells them that she is fine and knows what she is doing. 

While the bus company is being very tolerant about Eclipse traveling on her own, they do say that it would be better and safer for her if she was traveling with Young on a leash. It is nice to see a company using enough discretion to let a good dog be a good dog.

So, when does she start doing the shopping?

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