First, I'll tell you who Zoomer is. He's the faun colored dachshund biker dog modeling the Zoomer Gear Helmet for biker dogs. Really sharp looking, isn't he? And the bike's (trike) not bad either.

Zoomer's owners are motorcycle modifiers by trade. They make "trikes" out of bikes and call their company Tabor Trikes. Zoomer's company, Zoomer Gear, came about as a result of his owners creating a helmet that would keep Zoomer safe while he rode with him. The Helmet by Zoomer Gear is now available for all biker dogs, dog sports-car riders, and dogs with disabilities who need special head protection.









"The Helmet" by Zoomer Dog is made of high-impact ABS plastic, the same material that is used in making hard hats for construction industry workers. The Helmet not only protects a dog's head from impact, but from wind and windblown objects. Zoomer advises biker dogs to wear The Helmet whenever they travel... in a car, truck, bike or boat. He even suggests that cats and guinea pigs wear the helmets when they travel!

As you may be able to perceive from Zoomer's photos, Zoomer's Helmet doesn't sit directly on his head. The Helmet includes a customizable foam insert that accommodates a dog's ears, whether they are hanging ears or stand-up ears, so the ears are not pressed against his head.

The Helmet by Zoomer Gear comes in black, white, and pink and is sized from extra small to large. Or, you can special order a customized pattern for your special biker dog -- just send Zoomer a picture of what you want!


Notes: Zoomer is sporting a pair of protective eye goggles by Doggles. All photos © Zoomer Gear.

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