The fate of your cat or dog may be in the stars. Astrology is helping pet owners with their relationships with their furry loved ones. As with humans, animals are also governed by their sun sighs and ruling planets. The traits for each sign of the zodiac are similar to those that people demonstrate. If you and your pet are into the esoteric, this may be an activity for the two of you to share.

In an exclusive interview for, professional astrologer Jyoti Wind of Boulder, Colorado, explained that an astrology chart can help a pet owner understand the basic tendencies, preferences, emotional tendencies, and fears. This can help pet owners deal with behavioral issues of their cat or dog by gaining understanding of what drives them. It may not be specific enough to explain why your pup is so bent on drinking out of the toilet, or why your cat comes straight to you when a hairball is on the way up. It may help you discern why your pet can't decide between in and out.

Jyoti has been an astrologer for 43 years and has been doing pet charts for the last 20 years. While she has done charts for both cats and dogs, it is more often that she is asked to do readings for dogs. Why? "Dog owners are more likely to believe in astrology? I don't know," she joked. Perhaps it is really that dog owners are more likely to indulge their pet with human activities. 

According to Jyoti, the astrology is more for the owner than the pets. "It helps the owner see the animal in a different light," she explained. This helps the owner stop trying to get behavior out of the animal that just wasn't going to happen based on who the pet is at their core. The animals are benefited by their human becoming more accepting of them for who they are and what their individual needs may be. Jyoti says that she receives calls and emails afterward letting her know that the pet owner's relatioship with his or her pet has improved.

As with any reading, the astrologer needs the birth date, time, and location to do a full chart. Since many people do not have this detailed information about the birth of their pet, there are also general characteristics that are fairly common to those pets born to that sign of the zodiac. Jyoti provided a short description of the qualities that pets are likely to display for each sign.

Aries: Always up for adventure and be the first one out the door. Curious and loyal.

Taurus: Stubborn. loves the best things -- good food and a warm bed.

Gemini: These pets like to talk, are of two minds, in or out or in or out. . .

Cancer: A homebody, likes easy access to food, a cuddler.

Leo: Likes to strut his or her stuff, rule the roost. They like to look good and feel good.

Virgo: Loves to be in nature, likes things to be a certain way, picky about food, bed, surroundings.

Libra: Cooperative, likes equality, loves companionship. Can be indecisive.

Scorpio: Intense personality, very loyal, possessive, a one human pet.

Sagittarius: The party animal, loves to travel, curious, enjoys exercise.

Capricorn: Goal oriented, diligent, steadfast. This is the one to drag you back to shore.

Aquarius: Likes all the other dogs or cats. Quirky behaviors, a little different, likes to talk. Loyal. A good dog for bikers and walkers.

Pisces: Loves water. Compassionate to suffering. Great companion animals.

If you don't know your pets exact time and date of birth, even these general qualities can help pet owners understand their cats and dogs. There are also astrologers who use the owner's chart to help them determine right pet for them.

Astrologers generally charge in the area of $50 to $75 for a pet reading. A quick web search can help you find an astrologer in your area.  If you would like to contact Jyoti about your pet you may email her at