Puppies and kitties and fishies, oh my! If you just can't get enough of
real live pets, how about some virtual interaction? These downloadable
games offer hours of fun for pet lovers.


Doggie Dash

Doggie Dash is a time management game, a spin-off from the popular Diner Dash Series. In this game, you help pet spa owners Walter and Scarlett wash and groom oodles of dogs and cats before their human companions arrive to pick them up.




If puzzle solving is your thing, Fishdom might be the game for you. As you advance through the levels, you earn accessories to decorate the aquarium of your dreams.


Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea screenshotFishdom: Seasons Under the Sea screenshot


The Seasons Under the Sea version of this game is especially cool, since the accessories are holiday themed.


PJ Pride: Pet Detective

PJ Pride: Pet Detective is a hidden object mystery game. Have fun helping the detective scour through crowded scenes, seeking out hidden pets.



Any of these titles could make a great Christmas gift for yourself or the pet lover on your list. All are downloadable from Yahoo! Games. Prices start around $7.