Halloween is coming and no other animal is more iconic than a black cat when it comes to this dark holiday.  Take a look at these adorable black cats and kitten pictures and learn some interesting black cat facts and superstitions while you browse.

1. Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Peepers


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Sometime during the Middle Ages, Europeans got the idea that black cats were associated with witchcraft. Some elderly, solitary women who often fed and cared for stray cats were misidentified as witches and the cats as their conspirators.

2. Sleeping Spell

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In parts of England and Ireland, a black cat crossing your path signifies good luck.

3. Look Into My Eyes

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In Scotland, a strange black cat arriving at your home means you may win the jackpot! A stray black cat arriving on your doorstep signals prosperity.

4. Enchanting

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If you’re German, you have to pay attention. If the cat crosses your path from right to left, that’s bad; left to right is good.

5. Fetching The Ingredients

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If you’re a pirate, it gets even more complicated. If the black cat is walking toward you, it’s bad luck. If it’s walking away, that’s good. If the cat walks onto the ship and then back off, get off the ship because it’s going to sink.

6. Are You A Good Witch, Or A Bad Witch?

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Fishermen and their wives saw black cats as good luck, with many keeping them on their ships or in their homes. Black cats became so highly valued that some could not afford them.

7. Eye Of Mewt

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In Japan, black cats are considered symbols of good luck, especially for single women. Owning a black cat is thought to attract potential suitors.

8. Bubble, Bubble, Tail And Trouble

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Black cats are not a single breed, there are actually 21 breeds that have black listed as a possible color.

9. Curiosity Killed The Cat

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Many black cats have golden eyes, which is the result of their high melanin pigment content.

10. Entranced

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There are more male black cats than female.

11. Familiar

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Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17.

12. Pumpkin Sitting

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While many recognized breeds have been around for years, or are the result of naturally occurring genetic mutations, the Bombay is a result of years of selective breeding in an effort to develop a black "Parlour Panther." It is the only recognized cat breed whose only acceptable color is black.

13. Witchy Ways

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Black cats are Melanistic.  Melanism, the opposite of albinism, produces yellow irises due to the high levels of melanin in the pigment of black cats.

14.  Bewitching Eyes

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Melanism may enhance the immune systems of black cats.

15. Sleeping Mewwty

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The black fur gene is recessive, so a cat must carry two copies of it to be black.

16. Orange Is The New Black

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The Egyptian goddess Bast was thought to take the form of a black cat, so many ancient Egyptians owned black cats as a way to court her favor.

17. Very Superstitious

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According to British lore, a black cat's presence in a house will bring a young woman many suitors.

18. Black Magic

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Some people believe that plucking a single white hair on an otherwise ebony cat -- without getting scratched -- will make them lucky in love.

19. Dracatula

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A black cat's tail is thought to cure sty according to folklore.

20. Brew Taste Test

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It is possible that black cats may be immune to Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or FIV which could possibly lead to advances and knowledge in treating and possibly curing Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in people.

21. Shrunken Kitty

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Some Egyptians dressed their cats in gold decoration, allowed them to eat off of the family's dinner plates, and put their mummified bodies next to their owners' bodies after death.

22. Hocus Pocus


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