If there is one thing humans envy about cats, it is their amazing
ability to relax and doze off at any time in any place, no matter how
strange or uncomfortable looking. Perhaps some of these 14 Unexpected Places Kitties Curl Up will make you laugh:

Sink This!

I have yet to meet the cat who would turn down the chance to nap in a bathroom sink. On a hot day the porcelain is nice and cool, and when a human happens along a cold drink is handy for the begging. It also helps that bathroom sinks are kitty-sized for their convenience. (Photo by WolfgangE via Wikimedia)

Dogs Think They're So Smart


Okay, not normal, but then, how often do they get a chance at one that is not filled with water? When an opportunity arises, you've got to take it. What do you mean "dogs drink out of those?" Those canines are crazy. (Photo by Jim/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)


Cats have inspired a great deal of literature. Literature also inspires them -- to curl up with a good book -- or ten. Cats also are experts at keeping their humans from reading anything at all when they could be better engaged with cat worship. (Photo by Kafka Liz via Wikimedia)

Just A Fluff, No Folding

A clothes dryer is a nice warm space on a cold day, though cats don't always wait for them to be empty. My mother once accidentally turned the dryer on with the cat inside. Took her a few moments to figure out what that thumping noise was. The cat was a little dizzy when Mom let her out, and she was much more cautious of that napping place after that, (Public Domain Image via Wikimedia)

Next Best Thing To The Dryer


Cats love to catch some zzzzzz's on clean laundry, however it is best if it is in a basket, drawer, or closet. The truly talented cat will seek out that garment or linen that will best display the color or the cast-off fur, dark or light. My kitty now has a permanent spot in the linen closet all to herself. It saves rewashing the sheets and towels all of the time. (Photo by Yuval Y/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Going To Pot


Chances are if a cat can fit in it, they will try to nap in it. A terracotta pot is a nice warm place to hide and wait to jump out on the nearest unsuspecting human or dog. It is especially sweet if it is at just the right height to strangle their ankles. Score! (Photo by Ra Boe/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Life Is Good

For a cat, any chair can be a lounge chair and going belly up means that life is treating you right -- full food dish, bit of catnip, and a scratch behind the ear. Dog people beware -- this does NOT mean "pet my belly." You could lose a limb. (Photo by Le bateleur/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Spoiled And Worth It

One of the most amazing things about cats is how they can totally relax almost anywhere. This cat has that ability and displays it laconically from one of the levels of his kitty jungle gym. It's good to be the cat! (ColKom 1982/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Toolbox Tabby


If there is any chance that your human is going to pack up and go
somewhere, it is appropriate to try to dissuade them by napping in
anything that might be going with them. Of course, there is also great
entertainment value of sneaking in and waiting for the human to stick
his hand in without looking and then attack. Heh, heh, heh. (Tomusic/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Car Kitty


Cats love cars -- as long as they aren't running, don't move, and the cat is on the outside. They are the perfect things to climb on for a decent view of the surrounding landscape. Cars are also the perfect thing to leave muddy paw prints on, especially when just washed. (Public Domain via Wikimedia)

Gettin' Trashed


Cats are also expert at going where no cat has gone before. This cat puts a whole new meaning to the term "getting trashed." What was he thinking? Did something smell tasty? Was there a mouse in there? Or did he just roll of the chair at an inopportune moment?  (Photo by Noa/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

 Fender Feline


Cars provide a number of handy hiding places for a good nap, although some cats have gone for rides they hadn't counted on taking. Fortunately, most cats will do a quick disappearing act as soon as the engine turns over. (Photo via Flickr)

Some Enchanted Eave-ning


Sometimes the best napping spot is part of a new adventure. Nosing around for a new nook at an advanced elevation can lead to the discovery of a new location for the perfect nap. No dog is going to interrupt THIS nap. (Photo by Priwo/Public Domain Image via Wikimedia)

Kitty In A Bucket


This is my favorite flaked-out feline. One day a few weeks ago I couldn't find my cat. She turned out to be napping in a bucket of mulch. This has turned into one of her favorite napping places, despite the fact that she has her own chair on the patio about two feet away. She is a photogenic lass. (Photo by Laurie Kay Olson, ©2012)