Yellowstone Grizzlies Overrules The White House

Grizzlies are one of the most sizable wildlife creatures in the animal kingdom. Weighing in on average at 800 lbs— when standing up straight— it can reach 8 feet. When matched up in a fight with a gorilla, Grizzlies win due to sheer size, strength and claws/teeth. When matched in a fight with Donald Trump's White House, it wins as well - at least where unlawful federal protections are concerned.   

The Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act has been regulators’ most powerful tool for protecting fish, plants, and wildlife ever since it was signed into law, surprisingly by President Richard M. Nixon in 1973. The peregrine falcon, the humpback whale, the Tennessee purple coneflower and yes, the Yellowstone Grizzly all would likely have disappeared had it not been for the passing of this act.

Stripping the Act

The Trump administration stripped this bedrock law in 2019, reducing the habitat set aside for wildlife, as well as removing the tools used by scientists to predict future harm to species resulting from climate change. Their decision allowed for animal hunters to conduct trophy hunts scheduled in Yellowstone National Park.

One of the major reasons for the president to consider such a move was personal. Trump's sons are both trophy hunters. Donald Trump, Jr. (38) and Eric Trump (32) have traveled to Africa to hunt all types of wildlife.

The Trumps don’t see anything wrong with killing endangered species. In fact, they justify their killings, by indicating they fed the meat to the indigenous people in various regions of Africa.


Federal safeguards for Yellowstone grizzly bears were overturned after a judge ruled the Trump administration’s decision to strip Endangered Species Act protections from the population was illegal.

The decision spares the grizzlies from planned trophy hunts scheduled to begin this fall in the Yellowstone, as well as other territories in Wyoming and Idaho.

“The grizzly is a big part of why the Yellowstone region remains among our nation’s last great wild places,” said Earthjustice attorney Tim Preso, who argued the case. “This is a victory for the bears and for people from all walks of life who come to this region to see the grizzly in its natural place in the world.”

“Grizzly bears that call Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks home will no longer be threatened by an aggressive hunt that was planned this fall on lands bordering the national parks, thanks to the court’s ruling,” said Bart Melton, Northern Rockies regional director for National Parks Conservation Association.

So, it appears that in addition to giving Gorillas a knockout, these blessed Yellowstone creatures are indeed stronger in mind and spirit than the team sitting in the Whitehouse. Your thoughts, readers?

Primary Source: EarthJustice