K&H window-mount cat perch


Most cats, especially those that are housebound, like to peer out at the outside world to catch a glimpse of what's going on. The problem is many windows in newer homes and apartments don't have sills or ledges anymore. If that's the case in your home, then K&H Pet Products has got a solution for you with a window-mounted shelving unit with your curious kitty in mind.

Cat Perches

Called the Double Stack EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill, it closely resembles window shelving for herb gardens, which technically it could be used for, but this unit was designed with felines in mind. The unit attaches with four heavy duty suction cups to any window wide enough to accommodate it (12"x23") and it reportedly holds up to 100 pounds.

Window Shopping

The nice thing about the EZ Window is it comes in a single shelf or a double stack and is said to be incredibly easy to install. Having had prior experience with window-mounted apparatus using suction cups, it begs the question of how long they will hold out before being rendered relatively useless, but initial reviews are extremely positive concerning the performance of this product.


Another nice feature about this attachable sill is the fact that there's plenty of room for your cat to lie down and stretch out on and even roll over without falling off of it. How many times have you watched your cat lolling about napping on top of a TV or narrow ledge only to see them adjust and then fall flailing to the floor? It's the ultimate rude awakening.

Portable Cat Accessories

Scoring another notch on the plus side is the fact that the EZ Window can be removed, if need be, and used in another window or repositioned for a better view. All of these pluses make for a convenient solution to your furry feline's desire to survey his or her surroundings or nap in the sun when there are no other viable options available.

Have you tried the EZ Window in your home? if so, let us know your thoughts on its performance in the comment section below.