Look out, Dog the Bounty Hunter, some canid competition in the form of a canny coyote is helping the Canadian police get their man.    

Wild & Wiley Coyote's A Doggone Good Deputy

Get their man out of a tree, at least... 'cuz that's where the Ontario Provincial Police in Huron County (about 50 miles northwest of Kitchener) found the wanted perp.

Nothing against the OPP but this particular ne'er-do-well had the odds stacked against him from the first: not only were his footprints clearly visible in the new-fallen snow, he also managed to incur the suspicions of a curious – or maybe just hungry – coyote.

Wild & Wiley Coyote's A Doggone Good Deputy

The critter's paw prints neatly lined up with the fleeing suspect, leading the cops to a tall tree where they found a 28-year-old local man perched precariously about 30 feet overhead. The coyote, his (or her) work done, was nowhere to be found.         

Being treed by a coyote in the midst of a Canadian winter is no picnic, as you might guess, so the arrival of the fuzz was warmly welcomed by the fearful alleged felon.

Wild & Wiley Coyote's A Doggone Good Deputy

While an adult human doesn't have much to fear from an average (aka non-rabid) coyote, you can't blame the OPP for keeping that li'l nugget of info to themselves in this case.

As for the arrested “roadrunner”, he's now languishing in custody facing a variety of outstanding charges including breach of probation, dangerous operation of a stolen vehicle, and flight from police. Now they can add “flight from coyote” to that lengthy list. (via Toronto Sun, images via Yellowstone National Park, David A Mitchell, and Aaron Logan)