Humans have been creating and believing in mythological creatures for
centuries. Among these creatures is the Wyvern, a long, slender
reptilian beast with wings, most often depicted with two legs (sometimes
none). The image has been depicted in heraldry from ancient times. More
recently the Wyvern has been used as a team mascot or the name of
taverns and inns.

Etching of a Wyvern by Lucas Jennis (1590-1630) (Public Domain Image)Etching of a Wyvern by Lucas Jennis (1590-1630) (Public Domain Image)

An ocean-dwelling version of the mythical beast is also on hand. The only difference is that the land-dweller has a dragon's tail where the Sea Wyvern possesses that of a fish. The name wyvern is descended from the Latin vipera for viper. Some cryptozoologists have claimed that wyverns are rare surviving pterosaurs that were thought to have become extinct 65 million years ago.

In today's culture, the SyFy channel produced a dandy movie entitled "Wyvern" back in 2009 in which global warming has awoken the monster from its icy slumber and it goes postal on a small Alaskan town. It is a fun romp for science fiction fans as the reptilian creature, ready for something to eat after centuries of snoozing, begins to nosh on wildlife and eventually townsfolk. To order the movie on DVD at a great price click here.

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