Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean that you have to leave the
pumpkins to the world of pies and spiced lattes. With this Thanksgiving
Pumpkin Turkey Making Kit
you can use a pumpkin to decorate for the next
holiday in line!

 Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey Making KitThanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey Making Kit

You don't have to be clever, talented, or artistic to put together this crafty little bird. It comes with 8 tin stakes for tail feathers, wings, and head. Just plunge them into the pumpkin in the appropriate places and voila! you have a turkey! It's magic. Go on take a "stab" at it!

You could also make a fun holiday game out of it by playing something like "pin the feathers on the turkey." Just take care to make sure that no one else gets feathered in the process. 

To order a Thanksgiving
Pumpkin Turkey Making Kit for your holiday, click here.

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