High-Vis Chicken Jackets

Omlet High-Vis Chicken Jackets

There's a company that creates and manufactures houses, runs, toys, and clothing for chickens. If this design group doesn't make chickens feel special, I don't know who will.

The group is a foursome called Omlet, no doubt named from its first collaborative design at the Royal College of Art in London in 2003. They cleverly named that design Eglo.


The Eglu by Omlet

The Eglo, 2003, by Omlet


Still pleasing chickens in 2018, Omlet designs a variety of backyard chicken homes, as special as they come. This one is perfect to keep chickens right in your backyard!


Eglu Cube

Eglu Cube Chicken Coop


Note the Eglus can be fit with a cage cover to protect your chicks in winter.


Omlet knows that chickens need exercise and amusement to be healthy and produce great eggs. So it creates runs, toys, and amusements for chickens. Here is the Omlet Chicken Swing, for example.


Omlet's Chicken Swing

Chicken Swing



And then there's the Rocky & Elvis Omlet Peck Toys (below); the "Rocky" is swinging and the "Elvis" is standing:


Rocky Peck Toy

Rocky Omlet Peck Toy


Elvis Peck Toy

Elvis Omlet Peck Toy


Not only is Omlet an innovative and imaginative design group for pets, it also creates incredibly imaginative videos! Here's is the Elvis and Rocky Peck Toy video:



So now, why did the chickens cross the street?


High-Vis Chicken Jackets


To show off their High-Vis Chicken Jackets! (available in pink, blue, and yellow)


Hi-Vis Chicken Jacket


If you love chickens, you will love the chicken products at Omlet. If you love dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, or if you love bees, you will love Omlet too!